WE-R-TEAM can support you in preparation of FEED Documents to start the BID process

Study of customer's existing and new network requirements and providing solutions and Support.

In the case of a company planning to progress into a new business, we prepare what is known as a conceptual design, giving a picture of the general form of that business, and based on the blueprint thereby produced, we carry out a feasibility study, which considers the profitability or otherwise of the business from various perspectives. Feasibility studies are usually performed in several stages, with the precision of investigation increasing step-by-step, until development as a business is finally decided, if it is judged that this will yield high profitability

Based on its abundant record of experience in plant/field design in various industries, WE-R-TEAM, taking the initial stage of the feasibility study as its starting point and commencing with a requirement survey, selects the suitable technology, investigates the optimum configuration for process utility equipment, calculates equipment and operating costs, and produces an optimized highly economical proposal that considers the entire lifecycle of solution/product.

Feasibility study and selection of optimum telecom system.

  • Feasibility studies carried out by WE-R-TEAM possess the following special characteristics
  • We propose a Technology selection and optimum equipment configuration that meets the needs of the customer
  • we give a highly accurate estimate of implementation costs based on extensive database.
  • Propose the Network / Process architecture for to meet the client requirement within budget